Action competence and key competencies in Environmental Education and Sustainability Education – ESE

11th World Environmental Education Congress BUILDING BRIDGES – 11th WEEC 2022 “Chairs: Daniel Olsson (Karlstad university) & Per Sund (Stockholm University) This sub-theme provides a forum to highlight initiatives for action competence and key competencies in Environmental and Sustainability Education (ESE), with a view to enhancing a more contemporary and comprehensive quality education through further theorization, conceptualization … Læs mere

Dilemmas related to Teacher Training for Science Education and Pupils’ Action Competence (The MUVIN project)

In the MUVIN Project the aim has been to have classes to work with environmental issues with a focus on conflicting interests in the use of natural resources. At the same time the Project has aimed at developing the democracy in the class, implicating a shift in the role of the teacher and of the … Læs mere

Effect of organic school meals to promote healthy diet in 11–13 year old children. A mixed methods study in four Danish public schools

Research report: Study about whether organic school meals can be an effective strategy to provide healthy food to children and promote their healthy eating habits.More positive school lunch habits were observed in pupils in the organic schools than in the non-organic schools. Generally all the pupils had positive attitudes towards organic food and health and … Læs mere