GreenComp – The European sustainability competence framework

The development of a European sustainability competence framework is one of the policy actions set out in the European Green Deal as a catalyst to promote learning on environmental sustainability in the European Union. GreenComp identifies a set of sustainability competences to feed into education programmes to help learners develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that … Læs mere

Action competence and key competencies in Environmental Education and Sustainability Education – ESE

11th World Environmental Education Congress BUILDING BRIDGES – 11th WEEC 2022 “Chairs: Daniel Olsson (Karlstad university) & Per Sund (Stockholm University) This sub-theme provides a forum to highlight initiatives for action competence and key competencies in Environmental and Sustainability Education (ESE), with a view to enhancing a more contemporary and comprehensive quality education through further theorization, conceptualization … Læs mere

Balancing the tensions and meeting the conceptual challenges of education for sustainable development and climate change

The key challenges for work on education related to environmental concerns, and especially the pressing issue of climate change: the overall conceptualisation of central ideas such as Environmental Education (EE), Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Climate Change Education (CCE). Hent publikationen her om climate change education The need to effectively address climate change – … Læs mere

Climate Change and Sustainable Development: The Response from Education. CROSS-NATIONAL REPORT

Hvilen rolle bør uddannelse og undervisning have i forhold til de stigende problemer med klimaforandringer og ønsket om en meget mere bæredygtig udvikling. Læs her om resultatet af et internationalt samarbejde: Hent publikation om Education related to Climate Change and Sustainable Development The results of a crossnational analysis providing a broad international overview of the … Læs mere

Sustainable Development, Environmental Education and Action Competence

The concept of action competence is discussed in relation to the requirement ofparticipation for sustainable development, and through this some similaritiesbetween environmental education and education for sustainable development arehighlighted towards a more coherent idea of Environmental Education. I.e. cencept and reality with practise should be reflected. Hent Sustainable Development, Environmental Education and Action Competence fra … Læs mere

Quality Criteria for ESD-Schools – Guidelines to enhance the quality of Education for Sustainable Development

ESD-schools are schools that have chosen Education for Sustainable Development as a central part of their mission and their educational plan. These schools consider sustainable development as a main principle to keep in mind when planning the school’s daily life and long-term changes and development. Such schools are increasing in number and improving in quality … Læs mere

The progressive development of environmental education in Sweden and Denmark

Traditionally, Sweden has a more centralised approach to change compared to a more decentralised approach in Denmark. Accordingly, the interplay between the State, the individual and private initiatives has differed over the past half‐century, and this has given rise to interesting effects on the development of environmental education as well as ESD. The discussion of … Læs mere