Action competence and key competencies in Environmental Education and Sustainability Education – ESE

11th World Environmental Education Congress BUILDING BRIDGES – 11th WEEC 2022 “Chairs: Daniel Olsson (Karlstad university) & Per Sund (Stockholm University) This sub-theme provides a forum to highlight initiatives for action competence and key competencies in Environmental and Sustainability Education (ESE), with a view to enhancing a more contemporary and comprehensive quality education through further theorization, conceptualization … Læs mere

The progressive development of environmental education in Sweden and Denmark

Traditionally, Sweden has a more centralised approach to change compared to a more decentralised approach in Denmark. Accordingly, the interplay between the State, the individual and private initiatives has differed over the past half‐century, and this has given rise to interesting effects on the development of environmental education as well as ESD. The discussion of … Læs mere